Rifle Squad

Rendering farewell salutes to our fallen Comrades

A Rifle Squad should consist of up to seven members, a Bugler to sound Taps, and is commanded by the Rifle Squad Commandert. Using M1 rifles, the squad will execute three rifle volleys and the solemn sound of taps will play signaling a deserved farewell to the deceased veteran.

The Squad sometimes travel long distances to honor a deceased veteran. In an average month, the Squad receives about five requests for service. The Rifle Squad is volunteer and there is no charge for this service. This service is in part to fulfill our goal, “Perpetuate the memory and history of our dead and to assist their widows and orphans.”

Fallen Post Members


Scott Halverson
Leonard B Christianson
James Sachs
James B Mozuch


Darrell Berg
Victor Maslakow
Lloyd J Firkus
Anton J Ramczyk